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Rain, heat, and dirt can all destroy wood, which is why decks and wood fences need to be regularly maintained for longevity. We happily stain and paint your wood decks and fences in Palmdale and surrounding areas.

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Many decks produce mold if they are not waterproofed. Decks take a pounding from the elements because they have too many exposed surfaces to direct sunshine, extreme heat, rain, and wind.

Mildew and mold thrive in standing water that has been allowed to soak into the wood. When you combine that with toxic UV rays, your wood is doomed. 

Any natural wood product’s life is significantly shortened if it is not properly sealed at regular intervals. Our deck wood staining team has over 20 years of experience. Our skilled crews have experience staining and painting fences and decks in Palmdale! Every project requires us to go above and beyond to ensure your full satisfaction.

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Deck and Fence Staining and Painting Palmdale

Professional Deck and Fence Staining

If your deck or fence seems dirty, dingy, and grey, it may be time to get it painted. But, in order to get your deck in tip-top form, you must also stain it. Neglected decks will fade, crack, break, and warp as a result of constant exposure to UV rays and rain. A well-maintained deck not only looks better, but it also lasts longer. Because there is a time delay between cleaning and sealing, this is a multi-day project. You can do it yourself, but it will be much easier if you hire a specialist at Bell’s Palmdale Exterior painting.

In high-traffic areas, select a deck stain or sealer that repels water, resists mildew, and prevents fading. Water-based and oil-based sealers and stains are available. Oil-based finishes last a little longer than water-based finishes, but water-based finishes are more robust and last longer. Each type of stain has a different amount of pigment. The more pigment you use, the less noticeable the wood grain and texture become, but the better protection you offer your wood.

Clear water repellents frequently provide basic protection, such as waterproofing, limited UV protection, and mildew prevention. Due to the lack of UV protection in these transparent or natural-look finishes, the underlying wood can begin to grey within a few months. Performance will last anywhere from six months to two years.

A toner, also known as a tinted water repellent, is similar to a transparent sealant, but with the addition of pigment or dye. This adds to the defense against sun damage, slowing the greying of the wood even further. Furthermore, even if a small amount of fading has occurred, the color will aid in restoring the wood’s original appearance. Semi-transparent stains have more pigment in them, giving them a subtle color while still revealing the grain and texture of the wood. These add an extra layer of protection against water and sun damage, and they typically last three or four years.

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When selecting a stain, keep in mind that the final color can vary depending on the wood. If you want to know which stain will be best for you, give us a call. We can suggest the best wood stain and stain your decks and fences. Give Bell’s Palmdale Exterior Painting¬† a call now!


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