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You’re in luck if your home’s exterior has been coated with stucco. This long-lasting, durable material is not only beautiful, but it can also effectively protect your home from the elements.¬†

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The color of your stucco, like that of other types of house siding, will fade over time. When this happens, you might wonder if you should paint your home’s stucco. Exterior stucco painting may provide several benefits with proper planning, the right paint, and the right painting materials. Stucco is a common exterior finish for homes because it is low-maintenance and can last for years if properly maintained. Hiring an experienced painting company to paint your stucco will provide you with the following benefits. You will note that your stucco absorbs water after it rains and darkens until it dries. When you paint stucco, it completely seals the surface, preventing moisture from penetrating. This ensures that your color remains consistent even on a rainy day.

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While stucco is notorious for absorbing moisture, painting it with the right paint will ensure that it remains waterproof and damp spots are avoided. To render stucco even more weather resistant, paint manufacturers have built special exterior painting systems for it. Preventing moisture from penetrating your stucco will make your home look good for several years.

Water and rust stains are most often visible in vertical lines on your stucco (usually beneath window frames). These stains can be blocked and covered by painting stucco. When professionally painted, stains will not reappear on the fresh paint surface for years.

With the passage of time, cracks can appear on the stucco which can only worsen. If left unpainted, pieces of stucco will fall out, necessitating expensive repairs. The paint film will naturally fill these hairline cracks when you paint your home with high-quality thick paint.

It’s important to remember that experienced painters will need to use exterior caulk or masonry patching to fill wide cracks in stucco before painting. Caulking a big crack won’t blend perfectly because stucco is brittle and the crack filler needs to be flexible. However, by following this procedure, the crack will fit in much better with the paint color and appear much better!

Fresh coats of paint are the most effective way to make a stucco home stand out from the crowd. Painting stucco is an easy solution for enhancing the appearance of your exterior walls, whether you are in the market to sell your home or simply want to keep it looking nice for generations. The right stucco paint will appeal to homebuyers and neighbours because it produces an incredibly appealing, timeless look. Call the most respected stucco painters in Palmdale today!

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Painting your home’s stucco will have a number of advantages, but only if the job is done correctly. Trusting your home to seasoned stucco painters who know exactly what kind of paint to use, can recommend the perfect paint colors, and consistently produce high-quality results that last for years is the best way to ensure that your stucco is painted properly. Request a free exterior painting quote today if you’re ready to give your home a new look with a fresh coat of stucco paint. Call
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